Wednesday, November 4, 2009

T-Swift on SNL

Taylor Swift is going to be the HOST and MUSICAL guest this week on SNL.

As you can see in the clip, we will be sure to see skits of the Kayne interruption.

I personally LOVE T-Swift and think she will do an amazing job on the show(aka no a.simpson lip syncing). I’m really hoping she sings ‘You Belong With Me’ which is one of my favs.

Take a look at the promo for Saturday’s show….


  1. You belong with me is my bf's fave too ... -.- he sings it in the shower, he jams with it in his car

    I grow more and more jealous of Taylor Swift each and every time!

  2. Episode was actually unreal, one of the funniest in a while. I'm glad they didn't rely too heavily on the entire Kanye fiasco, taking the easy way out. She's actually got some comedic talent herself, was pretty impressed. Seems like singers are putting together the best episodes of SNL (Justin Timberlake, etc.)