Friday, November 13, 2009


The date is set for ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ series FINALE…tear:(.

The Final episode which is set to be airing on November 23, will be the last time to watch The Gosselin family. Both Jon and Kate are suppose to be appearing on the episode and sharing with viewers their future plans.

The new season of ‘Kate Plus 8’ doesn’t look like it will work out in the end with all the Jon and Kate DRAMA!

Both new and old footage will be shown on the finale night to remind us of how life USE to be for the Gosselin Gang.


  1. BUTT!!!
    I have read other news that although Kate is not getting "Kate plus eight" like origionally rumoured, she still will be doing TLC specials every once in a while.....Therefore, hopefully this is the last we see of JON!

  2. yes but what i don't get is he is going to allow the kids to be on the specials but not the show?
    what a tool.