Monday, November 9, 2009

Don't Kiss and Tell

There have been COUNTLESS photos of the ‘secretlovers Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner but it seems like neither of the two will actually admit to being in a relationship!

Kissing on set, going out to dinner, and going to sports events together are just some of the recent shots that have been BUZZing around of the new “couple”.

Personally I feel this secret is just making the media love to follow them even more!

And to both Taylor’s…. I thought having the SAME birthday was bad, but having the SAME name takes the cake.


  1. Haha wow I didn't know they had the same birthday too! Cute couple though... I approve!

  2. having the same bday? how do you survive it??? :p

  3. i thought you were going to change your birthday to october 14?? My half birthday can be your new birthday, i don't mind

  4. i love taylor^2! Mostly because one of them is in twilight and im a biiiiiiiig loserrr !

    ps: brian, alex told me you were changing ur bdayyy? whatt.... lol

  5. thank you for the back up dee:)

  6. HELLO!!!!
    Taylor dating taylor?
    BARF! he is the definition of short and stalky...too jacked, too short...TOO UGLY!
    Taylor Swift can do much better...she deserves a tall lean sophisticated me