Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy GaGa-ween!

My favorite part of Halloween is DRESSING up duh! It was so great to see all the wild and creative costumes.

But I would have to say the most popular costume for 09’ was Lady GaGa (must have saw 100). Even Perez Hilton himself showed his poker face.

ALSO, another major theme which Perez followed was men dressing up as women. I saw SO many guys with stuffed bras, and mini-skirts.

So, TELL me about the best costumes you saw last night!


  1. The two best costumes I saw were a purple figure skater and a very sexy minnie mouse!

  2. Halloween 08 there were a lot of Jabbawockeez and Jokers

    Halloween 09 - I dunno about you, but I saw so many nerds! Lazy people LOL I would've thought MJ would be a popular one this year.

  3. G.I. Joes? I saw a lot of those!

  4. I also agree with Lucy
    - Jac Fac