Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More than just a pretty face...

Last night Taylor Lautner hit the stage of The Jay Leno Show of course to talk about NEW MOON which comes out Friday.

Jay plays this game called ‘Earn Your Plug’ which he makes his guests do something before showing their clip.

T-Laut made the ladies love him even more by showing off his football skills.

Man, he is gorgeous...

Take a look! …. (2minute mark)


  1. Love how the clip was of him topless. I am in the middle of reading New Moon, heart Jacob and T-Laud!

  2. He's come a long way from Shark Boy and Lava Girl. (which was a great movie btw)

  3. hahaah! I will have to go and watch the not famous at the time T-Laut in SB&LG!

  4. I'd totally drool over him if it didn't feel so wrong that he's seventeen years old and still in high school.


    Post some Gossip Girl loving with Chuck Bass ;)