Friday, October 30, 2009

In New York...

Jay Z and Alicia Keys performed their hit Empire State of Mind last night in NY at the kick off to game two of the World Series.

These two did a fab job and even had Mr. Jeter rockin’ along.

For Jay Z it was a busy night…. Right after his performance he flew here to London and performed in concert at the John Labatt Centre.

PS: I don’t know if I was feeling Alicia’s purple parade outfit…
Take a Look!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Reality Check

MTV is at again with a new reality show on the market. (and no its not Laguna Beach.. tear)

Peak Season is MTV’s next true-life series which will follow a group of young hotties who are working and living at a resort in beautiful Whistler. The season will be full of DRAMA!

The first few episodes have already aired and since I’m a HUGE reality TV junky, I’m already hooked to the show.

If you liked Laguna you’ll love this… same thing but with snow. Give it a look....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Taste of Ink

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes matching tattoos?

Khloe and Lamar hit up a tattoo parlor on Saturday night and thought it would be a GREAT idea to get TATTOOS of each other's initials on their hands.

Personally, I think it’s the WORST idea since tattoos are permanent. What happens if they split up?

Even if I was in love with someone, getting for example ‘BO’ tattooed to my hand, would NEVER happen.

What do you think… would you ever get your partner’s initials tattooed on your body?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Oprah’s Kick off Dance Party

On Thursday's Kick-off to Season 24 Party, 20,000 of Oprah’s fans came together with the Black Eyed Peas(BEP), and SURPRISED her with a massive choreographed flash mob dance.

The Chicago crowd danced along to BEP’s ‘I’ve Gotta Feeling!’ and really put on a show!

Only Oprah could pull off something so AMAZING!

Take a Look!

ps. thanks to lu-lu who told me to tune-in to see this great dance!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do you like the sound of GLEE?

A lot of my friends have been telling me about the BUZZ on the new show ‘Glee’.

I have only watched one episode, but fell in love with this scene.

Watch this AMAZING clip and let me know….

ps. this one is for you Tom :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The One Liner

Why is it that a boy can say ONE line to us to make us feel so good, that we come RUNNING back?

Well, last night on ‘The Hills’ Justin decided to meet up with Audrina the night after he spent cooking dinner for Kristin. What a P-I-M-P.
Audrina had been standing her ground and started to move on from Justin until he said...

"I would never be able to say anything was better than Audrina Patridge in my life."

Now for you ladies out there, just insert your name where Audrina’s is, and tell me how good
that would make you feel.

I really hope Audrina doesn’t take his hook and get wheeled back in.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Playboy’s November issue is going to have my fav girl with blue hair MARGE SIMPSON on the cover.

Marge is showing off her bod in honor of the Simpson’s 20th Anniversary! Marge will get close and personal and strip down for a three-page spread for the magazine.
Something interesting... this is the FIRST time the magazine has ever featured a cartoon character on the cover. Congrats Marge!

I hope Homer enjoys his early Christmas gift!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Show Stopper

Sharon Stone (SS) posed TOPLESS for a French magazine cover, and it doesn’t look like she is shy about showing it off.

Just so you know, SS is now past the 50 years old mark, and that is about the last thing you think about while looking at this picture.

From her amazing body, to her STUNNING great looks SS is looking flawless.

You go girl!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Double the Fun

Today as I was watching my fav girl Ellen, she had on the CUTEST and TALENTED guests ever. Two 10 year old twin boys who are fans of Ellen sent in a video and ended up on her show! Watch the link to see the precious boys talk to Ellen and hit the stage (go to min 2:25 to see them SING).

These boys have inspired me to send my own video to Ellen, and maybe one day my best friend kender and I will be interns on her show.

Anyways… watch the clip you’ll love it!

Same Tune, Different Song

Justin ’I love ITALIA’ Bobby is playing games with Kristin just like he did Audrina. But these games seem VERY similar.
Date one: Take a ride on his snazzy bike

Date two: Play around in the water, while wearing a skimpy bikini

Date three: MIA Justin, doesn’t show up

It seems like Kristin hasn’t caught on to Justin and his EXACT routine he worked on poor Audrina.
So Kristin, please be careful! If homeboy wears his COMBAT BOOTS to the beach….RUN!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Crazy Love

My future husband Michael Bublè is back AGAIN! His new album titled ‘Crazy Love’, hit stands on Friday and he looks and sounds better than ever. For all you ladies out there if you don’t like Michael, you will fall in love with him after watching this trailer. And for the guys go out and buy your girlfriend this album for extra brownie points. His sounds, his words, his stunning good looks….I just can’t get enough. Michael if you are reading this…. Blog me;).

Clip from


Fox News is one of the biggest media outlets and it is their job to distribute the news accurately and without distortion, but the problem is that when a news outlet is very conservative and one sided there is a blur of objectivity. The documentary points out how most people for example will never get a chance to meet the candidates running for president, and find they’re getting all of their information from news networks such as Fox. How are members of society going to make a decision when the information given to them from Fox News is only representing the right wing views, and cutting interviews off when a guest disagrees with their political stance? This shows how much power these media outlets have, and how the people who are getting hurt are the public.

It is very important in journalism to report stories which are true, without changing the meaning by using creative editing to misrepresent something. Fox news disregards this totally as in the example of Jon Du Pre who was sent out to cover Ronald Regan’s birthday, and make this dull scene seem like there were hundreds of Americans coming out to be part of the celebration.
Throughout the documentary, the overall theme of interoffice memos was also shown. I was very surprised, to see the harshness, and strict guidelines the news team had to follow. It was evident that if you didn’t agree with this strongly conservative view, and your stories didn’t fit that mold then you and the story would be dismissed.

This documentary was a great eye opener for the public, everyone can now see how much influence and pull news media outlets like Fox News have. As their slogan reads “Fair and Balanced” it should really say “Right Winged and One Sided.” We as viewers need to be cautious of where and how we consume our information, and be aware of the blur of objectivity which media outlets like Fox News can serve us.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This Just In...

On Friday Khloe Kardashian is going to be the guest host on ‘The View’. I’m quite excited for her to get on that stage and for the ladies to get her to dish the dirt. I’m slightly surprised that ‘The View’ is picking these younger stars to be their guest host, but it seems to be a trend since just last week Heidi Pratt was on the stage.

What started off as a month long relationship with Lamar Odom is now a marriage ( NUTS!). So i’m sure Khole will have ALOT to chat about.
image from

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Priceless Past of Sherri Shepherd

I thought it would be fun, to start sharing with everyone some of my favorite past clips I have seen on TV. The first candidate on my "Priceless Past" is one of my all time favorite comedians Sherri Shepherd.

Sherri is currently a host on 'The View', and keeps me laughing all the time. This clip is hilarious, and cracks me up every time I watch it. So if you need a laugh, take a look

clip from

Sunday, October 4, 2009

It Never Gets Old...

Danielle, seriously you are one of a kind. I don't know anyone over the age of 12 who would do this in front of a crowd of people other than crazy Dani. What really makes me laugh is that Danielle is the ONLY one who is dressed in full dance attire, and thinks her botox face is the hottest thing in the room.

If you watched the episode, Danielle and the gang get paired up to salsa and poor Albie (Caroline's oldest son, 22) gets to dance it up with Danielle. Well, Caroline who was on the sideline watching all of this was not impressed at ALL by the seductive moves Dani was pulling on her son. So, Danielle if you are reading this: RUN! These women do NOT like you, and never will.

image from google

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Show Must Go On!

Just in case you didn't hear enough about 'Jon and Kate Plus 8', there is new news buzzing around. On November 2, Jon Gosselin and his diamond stud earrings will NO LONGER be appearing on the show. The show will still air, but change its name to 'Kate Plus 8'.

There are even more rumors running around saying that this will be the last season of the show, due to their poor ratings since the couple spilt.

If this #1 Dad thinks this move will help get his name out of the buzz, think AGAIN!

PS. shout out to PHIL, my future husband, and also the designer of my snazzy new banner.
picture from google images