Monday, October 12, 2009


Fox News is one of the biggest media outlets and it is their job to distribute the news accurately and without distortion, but the problem is that when a news outlet is very conservative and one sided there is a blur of objectivity. The documentary points out how most people for example will never get a chance to meet the candidates running for president, and find they’re getting all of their information from news networks such as Fox. How are members of society going to make a decision when the information given to them from Fox News is only representing the right wing views, and cutting interviews off when a guest disagrees with their political stance? This shows how much power these media outlets have, and how the people who are getting hurt are the public.

It is very important in journalism to report stories which are true, without changing the meaning by using creative editing to misrepresent something. Fox news disregards this totally as in the example of Jon Du Pre who was sent out to cover Ronald Regan’s birthday, and make this dull scene seem like there were hundreds of Americans coming out to be part of the celebration.
Throughout the documentary, the overall theme of interoffice memos was also shown. I was very surprised, to see the harshness, and strict guidelines the news team had to follow. It was evident that if you didn’t agree with this strongly conservative view, and your stories didn’t fit that mold then you and the story would be dismissed.

This documentary was a great eye opener for the public, everyone can now see how much influence and pull news media outlets like Fox News have. As their slogan reads “Fair and Balanced” it should really say “Right Winged and One Sided.” We as viewers need to be cautious of where and how we consume our information, and be aware of the blur of objectivity which media outlets like Fox News can serve us.

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