Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Double the Fun

Today as I was watching my fav girl Ellen, she had on the CUTEST and TALENTED guests ever. Two 10 year old twin boys who are fans of Ellen sent in a video and ended up on her show! Watch the link to see the precious boys talk to Ellen and hit the stage (go to min 2:25 to see them SING).

These boys have inspired me to send my own video to Ellen, and maybe one day my best friend kender and I will be interns on her show.

Anyways… watch the clip you’ll love it!


  1. This is providing Jac Fac and I don't get our dream job as interns for Maury...

  2. haha I like how they changed the words from "do you right" to "hug you tight"

  3. Great catch Thomas! I noticed too, but i still love them.