Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The One Liner

Why is it that a boy can say ONE line to us to make us feel so good, that we come RUNNING back?

Well, last night on ‘The Hills’ Justin decided to meet up with Audrina the night after he spent cooking dinner for Kristin. What a P-I-M-P.
Audrina had been standing her ground and started to move on from Justin until he said...

"I would never be able to say anything was better than Audrina Patridge in my life."

Now for you ladies out there, just insert your name where Audrina’s is, and tell me how good
that would make you feel.

I really hope Audrina doesn’t take his hook and get wheeled back in.


  1. That line will work on any chick!

  2. You mean Justin Bobby didn't mean was just a line? :p

  3. hahah I know, Justin Bobby lying... noo way ;)

  4. Usually when I say a line to a woman, they run away...