Thursday, December 3, 2009


Upset that The Hills is over and need a new reality show to take its place? Wait no longer! Premiering tonight on the 10 spot is MTV's Jersey Shore.

Full of hair gel, tanned skinned and tight clothes these Guidos and Guidettes are holding nothing back. The cameras will capture these pop collared, spiked hair crew hanging out at the beach and spending hours getting that perfect hair for a night out.

Personally, I think I will enjoy watching yet again another MTV addicted but so stupid reality show.

CLICK HERE to watch a trailer for Jersey Shore!



  1. those guys and girls are unreal! Juice Heads Fo Sho!

  2. This looks like a show you will defiantly get addicted to Alex. Just don't watch it at my house lol.

  3. Guido and Angellllinnnaaa.
    This show was somehow entertaining, but not as worthwhile as the mariah concert on TV

  4. I take my comment back. The preview looks hilarious. I think it's gonna be a good one!